Xtend Fitness’s Outdoor Space Management Services

June 7, 2021

If you spend any time in downtown San Antonio, chances are you’re familiar with Weston Centre. In Fall 2021, their front plaza space activation project will be complete and Weston Common will be open to the public. The team at Xtend Fitness is proud to provide outdoor space management services for Weston Common. Today, we want to share more of what you can expect at Weston Common, as well as with our outdoor space management services. 

(Read all about what to expect at Weston Common in this post)

Outdoor Space Management Services

Depending on the specific outdoor space, management services can vary.

When it comes to Weston Common, these are just some of the tasks we will be responsible for:

  • Conducting group fitness and yoga classes 
  • Providing nutrition and wellness classes 
  • General space management services that include set up and take down of furniture, umbrellas, and outdoor games 
  • Scheduling and hosting public events

As you can see, Xtend Fitness is taking a comprehensive approach to managing this space. This is largely due to the comprehensive services offered by Weston Common in the first place. With the goal of making it downtown San Antonio’s premier outdoor space, it needs events, services, and amenities to match.

Xtend Fitness has extensive experience providing facility management services for a number of spaces. We take care of things like member recruitment, membership management, ensuring agreements and safety forms are up to date, and much more. That way, you can focus on running your business and doing what you do best while we take care of your fitness facilities. 

Outdoor Group Fitness and Yoga Classes

If you plan to visit Weston Common to take fitness or yoga classes, we know you might have questions about exactly what these classes entail. Click here to take a look at the group fitness training classes Xtend Fitness provides to get a better idea of what to expect. 

Before or after the class, you will be able to lounge in sunny or shaded areas and take in the landscape architecture provided by TBG Partners of San Antonio. You will also have access to features like hi-speed internet, charging stations, and food and drink establishments. 

Get to Know Weston Common

Weston Common sits on approximately 12,500 square feet in total and it also includes a 2,000 square foot turfed area. This turfed area is where outdoor fitness, nutrition, and wellness classes will take place. The area will also be used for hosting a number of other events. Weston Centre tenants and guests can also use this space to work outside, socialize, or just relax in the fresh air. 

Weston Common can be rented for public or private events, and we expect it to be a popular destination! 

In addition to Weston Common, it’s also worth getting to know Weston Centre itself a little better. Known as “Downtown’s Best Address,” the building is a prime location for retail and office space in downtown San Antonio. Click here to read more about Weston Centre’s amenities and to find out about availability. 

Click here to contact Xtend Fitness and learn more about our outdoor space management services.

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