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Training Programs


Cultivate a healthy work culture one employee at a time with expertly designed corporate wellness programs from Xtend.

No two employees are alike and neither are their health and wellness goals. This is why we’re proud to offer customizable fitness training programs at corporate centers. With something for everyone no matter where they are on their fitness journey, no employee is ever left behind.

Our customized mix of fitness training programs are designed to help your employees feel empowered, engaged, and excited about health and wellness. Choose from private and group training options for the fitness solutions you need.


Private Fitness Training

When members train one-on-one with an Xtend trainer, they’ll get the benefits of their expertise all to themselves. This individualized attention can help propel you toward your goals unlike anything else. Your customized program will be tailored to your needs, habits, lifestyle, and goals. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or general health and wellness, customized programs include a well-structured exercise routine and a tailored nutrition plan intended for maximum results. During private training sessions, members can choose from following one of Xtend’s specialized fitness classes or a new program designed by your personal trainer.

Group Fitness Training

If one-on-one training isn’t the right choice for some members, they can opt for group fitness training instead. Often, people find they’re motivated to work even harder in group settings and this also encourages team bonding. And at Xtend, we’re all about team bonding! We take great pride in creating an “Xtended family” feeling so members receive support not only from their trainer but also from fellow members. During group fitness training, our Xtend Fitness Specialists challenge you without compromising your safety, making sure each exercise is performed with proper form and pace.




Our approach contains three principles: Mindset, Training, and Nutrition. Each of these principles are designed to help members adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our cohesive and balanced system helps boost existing strengths and overcome obstacles. Or, as we like to call them, pains and gains!


Encountering obstacles during your fitness journey is inevitable. We understand that motivation and willingness to work out or eat right is often lacking, even for professional athletes. That’s why we believe having the right mindset will help you overcome these challenges. We coach you through the good and the bad, fostering a resilient mindset for whatever life throws at you.


Whether it’s improving your core strength, increasing muscle tone, or boosting your cardiovascular endurance, we believe in following a system that supports your goals. Xtend coaches create tailored plans based off of your fitness assessments, and we routinely reevaluate these plans. We add structure to your fitness journey and provide you with a baseline so you can watch your incredible progress. From your warm-ups to recommended reps and sets, we guide you every step of the way!


They say abs are made in the kitchen, and this principle simply can’t be overlooked. We help you learn when to eat, how much to eat, and what to eat. Learning is one thing, but doing it is a whole different story! We will coach you on making healthier choices, hold you accountable, and give you all of our tools for success. Good nutrition not only helps you maintain a healthy weight but also supports all other vital health functions. Following a balanced diet helps increase energy levels, promotes better sleep and mood, boosts the immune system, and decreases the chances of developing various diseases. That’s why we believe proper nutrition is the long-term ingredient to healthy living.