Tips For Setting Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

December 29, 2021

How to Set Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Setting New Year’s resolutions is one thing. But setting realistic New Year’s resolutions? That’s a whole different ball game!

We all go into the process of setting resolutions with the best intentions. We imagine how good we’ll feel if we stick to our resolutions and how quickly we can look and feel even better. But then a few weeks go by…and life gets in the way. We seemingly forget about these resolutions or we realize they were simply too unrealistic to stick to for the long term. 

Today, however, we’re offering up some strategies for setting realistic New Year’s resolutions to improve your chances of long-term success. 

Get specific

A lot of people list “losing weight” as one of their resolutions. But most people won’t stick to that resolution if they don’t get more specific.

In this case, that means setting a goal to work toward. You’ll motivate yourself to keep going as you creep closer and closer to that goal. To start off, you can make a smaller goal that you can reach quickly. This is a helpful way to keep you from giving up. 


In addition to getting specific with your resolutions, you’ll also want to keep your list short. If you set too many resolutions for yourself, it’ll be easier to give up on some of them or get overwhelmed trying to reach them. Instead, focus on what’s most important to you, and start working toward that. 

Make a (realistic) plan

Once you know what your realistic New Year’s resolutions are, it’s time to make a plan for reaching them. And this isn’t just any plan we’re talking about. This kind of planning needs to be actionable, detailed, and precise. It should include daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that move you closer and closer to your goal.

Get help with setting and reaching realistic New Year’s resolutions

You likely already know that reaching health and fitness goals are two of the most common New Year’s Resolutions. After all, a big chunk of the population is constantly striving to be their strongest, fittest self. But sometimes, instead of striving, we simply wish and hope for it to happen. But until you make a plan and get help for achieving these resolutions, they aren’t likely to come true.

And that’s where professional nutrition and wellness services come in.

For example, individualized attention from the trainers at Xtend Fitness can help propel you toward your goals unlike anything else. Your customized program will be tailored to your needs, habits, lifestyle, and goals—this includes making sure your goals or resolutions are realistic. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or general health and wellness, customized programs include a well-structured exercise routine and a tailored nutrition plan intended for maximum results.

Our approach contains three principles: Mindset, Training, and Nutrition. Each of these principles is designed to help members adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our cohesive and balanced system helps boost existing strengths and overcome obstacles. Or, as we like to call them, pains and gains!

So, if you’re determined to make 2022 your healthiest, best year yet, let us help. Click here to learn more about our nutrition, training, and mindset services. 

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