Thinking of Getting Back to the Gym? Read This First!

April 1, 2021

Are you someone who made progress in your fitness goals this past year? Or are you like most people who had a tough time keeping up with their training schedule? Between quarantining, social isolation, and gym closures, it’s no wonder more people fall into the latter category. But as gyms are reopening and vaccines are being distributed, it’s time to think about getting back to the gym! And we’re here to help. 

Tips for Getting Back to the Gym

In this post, we’ve got five helpful tips for getting back to the gym with confidence and ease.

Manage your expectations

If you were squatting twice your weight before COVID and you haven’t been training at the same level, don’t expect to hit that same target when you get back to the gym. Manage your expectations for your conditioning, and go in with the awareness that things will look and feel a bit different.


Part of managing your expectations also means practicing patience with your progress. As much as you might want to rush into beating your PR, this isn’t a good idea. First of all, if you overdo it you risk an injury that will set you back even further. Not to mention, you also risk frustrating yourself and having an entirely negative experience with getting back to the gym. 

Take it easy

While you’re being patient with the weight you lift or the intensity of your training, it’s a good time to remind yourself to take it easy. Starting slow is a great way to build your confidence. Rather than being overwhelmed by the progress you “lost,” easing into it will serve you a lot better.  

Prepare to be sore

If you were training consistently before COVID, you might not have had the extreme soreness that comes with a new training regime in a while. When you’re getting back to the gym, expect to be more sore than you were before. Just like before, this soreness will start to wear off. Prioritize your recovery at all stages of your training, and make sure you take rest days. Don’t skip warm up or cool down either!

Get a personal trainer

The guidance of an experienced personal trainer can make a world of difference when you’re getting back to the gym. They will know how to push you just enough to help you reach your goals, while also ensuring your training is paced appropriately as you adapt to a new routine. If you’re feeling nervous about hitting the gym again, having a coach or trainer by your side to help you navigate the equipment and the exercises will be a great comfort and advantage. 

Getting Back to the Gym with Xtend Fitness

Speaking of getting a personal trainer, Xtend Fitness has a friendly team of personal trainers ready to help you with getting back to the gym in San Antonio and reaching your goals! Or, if you’re not quite ready to visit the gym in-person, we also have three online personal training programs to choose from. 

We know it can feel overwhelming and daunting if you’re thinking about going back to the gym after a big break. But follow these tips and you’ll be back on the path to your best, healthiest self in no time. 

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