The Many Health Benefits of Daily Stretching and Core Exercises

February 23, 2021

We understand it might seem overwhelming to think of adding a 60-minute full body workout to your daily routine. But it doesn’t always take this type of time commitment to feel better and get results! In fact, there are all kinds of benefits to spending just a few minutes each day on stretching and core exercises. 

The benefits of daily stretching and core exercises

Of course, we’re big advocates for daily exercise and finding what works for you. We even offer a number of different group fitness classes (currently being held outdoors!) to offer you the variety and fun you need to keep workouts motivating. 

But in addition to your regular fitness routine, implementing some stretching and core work can go a long way in not only helping you reach your goals but feeling a lot better at the same time! 

First, let’s focus specifically on the benefits of daily stretching.

Daily stretching

Increase your flexibility and range of motion: This will not only benefit you during workouts, but it can help prevent and avoid injuries as you go about your regular activities!

Promoting calmness and relaxation: There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a big stretch and a deep breath, is there? This calm, relaxing feeling you get from daily stretching is an immediate effect you can enjoy whenever you need to ground yourself and slow down!

Improve your posture: Many of us are guilty of spending a big portion of our day hunched over a computer or a phone. As a result, posture issues are more obvious than ever before, meaning there are also more aches and pains and injuries in necks and shoulders than ever before! Including a few minutes of daily stretching can help minimize the consequences of spending our days sitting or hunched over. 

Daily core exercises

Reducing the risk of falling: Even when we don’t realize it, our core is at work keeping us stable. And the stronger it is, the better it is at doing just that! Implementing at least a few minutes of core exercises into your day can help keep your core at its best, which in turn helps your core keep you safe by reducing the chances of falls and injuries.

Less back pain: Did you know a weak core is often the culprit for persistent back pain? Your core works in conjunction with your back muscles, so strengthening your abdominal muscles can help them better support and protect your back.

Improved digestion: Both core work and daily stretching can have major digestion benefits! Strong yet flexible core muscles can help prevent gas and bloating, and they can even encourage healthy bowel movements and intestines. 

And finally, one of our favorite things about both core exercises and stretching is you don’t need much space or equipment to do them! All it takes is a comfortable spot to sit, lay, or stand, as well as your body weight. So, even if you can’t visit a gym, including core exercises and stretching into your daily routine is a no-brainer!

Are you interested in learning about some specific stretches and core exercises that help with digestion, posture, and other issues? Ready to learn more? Schedule a free consultation for our online personal training and nutrition services easily online!

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