Online Fitness Training & Nutrition Coaching

Sample Training Videos

You will have 24/7 access to our complete online training video library.

What To Expect

Curious to know more about our online personal training and nutrition coaching process?

We’ve broken it down to give you an idea of what to expect as you start your journey to optimal health.
You’ll take part in a virtual fitness and nutrition consultation with an Xtend trainer where they will learn more about you and your individual goals.
From that video chat or phone call, a customized Fitness Training Schedule and Nutrition Guide is created for you.
Your Fitness and Nutrition Programs are shared with you through the Xtend Fitness Mobile App. Your profile information, progress photos, personal achievements, workout program, and nutrition guide are all found in the app. Our App also integrates with Fitbit & Apple Watch to help track your daily activity and sleep habits.
Fitness schedules change daily and repeat each week. Your schedule changes over time as you progress. Demonstration videos are also included with the workout schedule for you to watch and follow along with.
Xtend Fitness Trainers regularly check-in with you to measure progress and help you accomplish your goals.
Fitness goals are established and updated over the course of the training program.

How to get Started

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