Our Top At-Home Workout Tips for 2023

December 21, 2022

We’re here to help you make 2023 your best, healthiest year yet! With that in mind, today we’re sharing our favorite at-home workout tips to help you maximize the efficacy (and the fun) of working out at home.

Here are eight ways to make at-home workouts more effective and enjoyable:

1. Invest in an at-home exercise system that works for you

Whether you prefer free weights, machines, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises, invest in the equipment that will help you reach your fitness goals.

2. Take advantage of online classes and programs

Thanks to the power of technology, it’s now easier than ever to access top-notch fitness classes right at home without having to leave the house! Learn all about the online fitness and nutrition services Xtend Fitness offers to see what’s available to you.

3. Get creative

Even if you’re short on space or equipment, at-home workouts can still be fun and effective. Get creative with at-home exercises like planks, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, and burpees to get your heart rate up without leaving the house.

You can also get creative with workout equipment if you’re not ready to invest in at-home exercise systems. Instead, make use of items around the house, such as bottles filled with water, towels for resistance bands, and even chairs for step-ups!

4. Make at-home workouts a priority

Before starting the rest of your day, prioritize at-home workouts by dedicating at least 30 minutes each day. Setting aside the time—and treating it as essential!—will ensure you don’t miss out on getting regular physical activity. Many people also find the help of an accountability buddy can be a game-changer in helping them stay consistent with at-home workouts.

5. Fuel your body before and after workouts

Like any other physical activity, at-home workouts require fuel! Before starting your exercise, be sure to eat something high in carbs and protein so you have enough energy for the duration of your workout—this is especially important if you plan on pushing yourself hard.

6. Stay motivated

At-home workouts can be more challenging than ever when there’s no one around to push you or help keep you accountable. But if you stay motivated and focused on reaching your fitness goals, then working out at home can be just as rewarding as going to a gym.

7. Mix up your at-home workout routine

Don’t get stuck in a rut—mix up your at-home workouts by trying something new and challenging every week or two. This keeps things fresh, helps you learn new exercises, and keeps boredom at bay.

8. Track your at-home workouts

Tracking your at-home workouts can help you stay motivated and measure your progress. Many fitness trackers on the market today make it easy to record reps, sets, distances, and more.

So there you have it—our top at-home workout tips to get you through 2023. With the right equipment and a commitment to staying active, working out at home can be just as beneficial as gym sessions. So, set some at-home fitness goals for yourself and get ready to crush them!

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