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February 22, 2021

Group fitness classes, like most other things, might look a little different these days. For a while, they were held exclusively online. But at Xtend Fitness, we’re pleased to be offering group fitness classes in-person again, only this time, they will be held outside rather than in the fitness studio!

Our group fitness safety protocols

You’ll get all the same great benefits of group fitness classes (more on those in a minute), but in an even safer environment! As always, we continue to do everything we can to offer you the safest place possible to reach your health and fitness goals. 

As for our outdoor group fitness classes, this includes:

  • Participants do not share equipment
  • Every participant stays in their own “training station” throughout the class with at least six feet of distance between each person
  • Our dedicated Xtend staff thoroughly cleans equipment before classes start
  • Fitness instructors keep their mask on at all times
  • We provide hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray bottles, and cleaning wipes

Benefits of group fitness

Now that you know more about our health and safety protocols for group fitness classes, let’s talk about the benefits of group fitness in the first place!

Expert training at a great price

Group fitness classes are an excellent way to get professional training at a cost. While you may not be getting one-on-one attention, you still have a skilled trainer at your disposal, helping you reach your goals, keeping you safe, and motivating you! 

Camaraderie and motivation

And it’s not only your coach you’ll get motivation from in a group class. There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie and motivation you get in a group fitness class. With everyone working toward the same goal and feeling the same burn, you’ll look around you and find several people motivating you to keep going!

Lower risk of injury

When people started working out almost exclusively from home last year, doctors saw an increase in several different types of injuries, including foot and knee pain. With group fitness classes, you’ll have a trainer on hand to monitor your form and they can often correct and imbalances or issues before they become an injury!

Now that we’ve talked about how we’re keeping you safe during our classes and the benefits of attending them, is it time for you to experience the magic of group fitness classes for yourself? We offer a great variety of classes so you’ll never get bored, including Total Body Strength, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga, and a signature Boot Camp! Click here to learn more about the fitness classes we offer. 

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