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Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine Balls are great for developing explosive power, building strength, enhancing hand-eye coordination, and providing versatile full-body workouts!

Here’s a quick workout you can incorporate on your own. You’ll need a medicine ball and a sturdy wall!

5-exercise circuit
10 reps of each exercise (10 on ea. side for single-side exercises)
Rest 15 sec between each exercise
1-2 minute rest between sets
For a total of 4-5 rounds

1. Squat to Overhead Throw
2. Push-Ups (kneel to modify)
3. V-Ups (tuck knees to modify)
4. Forward Lunge to Horizontal Throw
5. Sit-Up to Throw

*We used a soft-medicine ball. Be careful if using a traditional rubber medicine ball since it may have a quicker & more explosive bounce.