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Master a Pull-Up in 30 Days

Master a Pull-Up in 30 Days

Pull-ups are an excellent upper body exercise if done safely and effectively.

They are the perfect exercise for working both small and large muscle groups on your back, shoulders, & arms. Pull-ups are also great for improving your overall body strength, grip strength, & fitness level.

I’ll take you through some progressions to help you master a smooth and effective pull-up. Follow each phase for 1-2 weeks and perform each exercise 2-3x per week for maximum results.

*This is an advanced exercise therefore we recommend having a solid strength-training background before attempting.

Neutral Grip Pull-Up Progression:

Phase 1: Timed hang
Phase 2: Negatives
Phase 3: Band assisted pull-ups
Phase 4: Normal pull-ups
Phase 5: Weighted pull-ups*

*Only recommended after being able to do 10 or more bodyweight pull-ups in a row.