Healthy Anytime Recipes

June 3, 2023

Who doesn’t love a delicious pancake for dinner? Or a perfectly grilled protein for breakfast? Sometimes our appetites don’t always align with the time of day and that’s okay. Regardless of what time it is, these recipes are the perfect “anytime” meals! 


We compiled some of our favorite recipe ideas in this blog to help you feel inspired when it comes time to cook your next meal. And they just so happen to be healthy too!

Healthy Pancakes

Try out a healthy pancake recipe by using egg whites, fresh berries, and Greek yogurt like this one from Recipe Girl. Who wouldn’t love having a nice, fresh breakfast that’s also going to taste great?

Avocado toast

Avocado toast is just one of those things that always tastes good, but is also super easy to make! Try mixing it up by offering tons of different toppings like fried eggs, beans, or all different types of hot sauces.

Green shakshuka

Shakshuka is a fun meal to prepare. Give it a nutritious boost by adding in a bunch of greens and spices to help make it pretty. Serve with toast or flatbread and you’ll have a real winner on your hands!


Here’s an excellent version to try from DownShiftOlogy

Poached eggs with avocado

When we think of a healthy breakfast we always think of eggs and avocado! To switch things up, try poaching your eggs to create and adding some avocado on the side as a healthy fat. Toast and roasted tomatoes also happen to go great with this dish!

A mushroom brunch

One-pan meals are great because they’re so convenient! For this one-pan mushroom brunch from BBC Good Food, you’ll add eggs, mushrooms, greens, and garlic to one pan for a healthy yet easy brunch option. Add some toast on the side and your whole family can enjoy it.

Chargrilled vegetable salad

Nothing screams spring more than freshly grilled veggies. Especially if you can do them on the barbecue! Next time you grill, make a nice, refreshing salad with chargrilled veggies and a nice light dressing.

Spring chicken

When you think of casseroles you probably think more about winter. But when done the right way they can totally make for a nice spring meal as well! Try creating this spring chicken casserole recipe from Good Housekeeping with plenty of vegetables and even some white wine.

Roast lamb

If you’re wanting to get a little bit fancy why not try a roast lamb dish? It can be made healthy with plenty of delicious sides to help make a well-rounded meal.

Puffed salmon

An impressive and tasty meal to try is a puffed salmon dish! Select a high-quality salmon and get a little creative when it comes to plating this delicious feast. Here’s an easy and delicious recipe from Taste of Home.

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