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Facility Management

Corporate Fitness Center Management

When you’re introducing a new corporate wellness program to your employees or you’re hoping to improve an existing one, we can manage every aspect of your corporate fitness facility to make sure it’s a success.

From taking over full management of the fitness center (equipment maintenance, cleaning, safety), to providing our own Liability Insurance, recruiting members, membership management, and ensuring agreements and safety forms are up to date, all of your bases are covered with Xtend.


Whether it’s onsite group fitness classes, personal training, lunch and learns, or nutritional guidance and counseling, all of your health and fitness needs are covered by our services.

We also believe accountability, education, and motivation are three critical factors in a successful approach to fitness.

Here’s how we put each of them into action at your corporate fitness center.

Accountability: We follow up with members who have stopped coming to classes and encourage them to return.

Education: We make sure that every member knows proper fitness techniques to ensure they are training safely and effectively. Not only does this promote member safety, but it also reduces your liability.

Motivation: We create a personalized experience for every member to make sure they’re motivated by our trainers and coaching style. We always work hard to get members excited about their results so they’re driven to keep going.


Our facility management services are designed to allow you to focus on your business while we take care of all aspects of your corporate fitness facility management. If “Gym Manager” isn’t a hat you want to wear, let us help you get back to doing what you do best while we look after your corporate wellness center. We take charge of everything your center needs to be successful, including gym equipment, membership services, insurance, and more.


We’re committed to taking an innovative approach to wellness and we offer a variety of services, including massage therapy, to take your health to the next level. Our services also include health and fitness assessments and body composition testing. This information is used to establish a baseline to help you quantify the positive changes your health and fitness efforts have over time.



Xtend offers comprehensive fitness training programs for corporate facilities in group and private settings. Our holistic approach to fitness guarantees there’s something for everyone in your gym, so members who would prefer one-on-one guidance or those who are more comfortable in group settings get what they need.

Would you like to learn more about our training programs? Click here to learn about Xtend’s private and group training options.