Attending Your First Fitness Class During COVID? Here’s What to Expect

October 26, 2020

For most Americans, fitness classes were off the table for a few months this year when fitness centers (along with many other businesses) were shut down. Now, many facilities are re-welcoming their clients to their fitness facilities, whether to use their equipment on their own, receive personal or group training, or to take a fitness class.

If you have yet to take a fitness class during COVID-19, we know you might have some questions.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the protocols we have in place to keep you and our staff safe, along with what you can expect when you attend a fitness class. 

Fitness classes during COVID-19

Unless you live in a place with zero COVID cases, attending a fitness class without any safety measures or distancing in place is not wise.

Before you attend any fitness facility, look into their policies and procedures surrounding COVID. If anything is unclear or if you have additional questions, give them a call to get the answers you need.

What to expect

Depending on the particular facility you visit, there may be different measures in place to keep you and other guests safe. 

Here are some of the new safety measures you may see: 

  • Glass or plastic barriers at reception
  • More room between machines with many taken out to allow for additional spacing
  • Added cleaning and sanitizing stations
  • Additional signage about masks and sanitization
  • Tape or other markers to define areas of six feet or more
  • Reduced class size and facility occupancy
  • Locker room and shower reservations to comply with social distancing protocols

What is Xtend Fitness doing to keep you safe?

Our corporate fitness facility management services include not only providing a place to workout, but we also provide training and classes to our members. 

We offer a variety of fitness classes in San Antonio to choose from, including classes built around improving core strength, flexibility and mobility, cardiovascular endurance, and overall strength training.

If you plan on taking one of our classes or visiting our facilities soon, we want you to know how we will keep you and our other guests safe.

Here are some of the specific steps Xtend Fitness is taking for fitness classes or gym use during COVID-19: 

  • We have installed several Smart Air Purifiers that include Medical Grade HEPA Filters, designed to remove over 99% of particles from the air.
  • We require all fitness professionals to wash their hands with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand sanitizer before cleaning equipment.
  • Personal protective equipment is worn during cleaning, and wipes are used for all surfaces.
  • We are operating at 50% capacity to allow for adequate social distancing.
  • Masks are required when guests cannot remain at least six feet apart from other gym-goers.

To see a comprehensive list of our safety measurements and to read about our commitment to you, click here.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the clean, safe Xtend Fitness environment as soon as you’re ready. 

If it’s not time for you to return to the gym yet, check out all of the free fitness videos we offer on our Vimeo page to try from home. 

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