A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

May 6, 2023

Have you been thinking about getting into yoga, but aren’t quite sure where to start? You’re not alone! Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to beginning their practice and a beginner’s guide is a wonderful place to do just that. Let’s run through some of the ins and outs of yoga so you can be a little bit more knowledgeable on the topic before you give it a try yourself!

What is Yoga?

When defined most simply, yoga is a meditative type of workout that involves breathing techniques and all different kinds of poses. Yoga is usually on the slow-paced side, but can help tone the muscles in the body—it can certainly be intense depending on the style of yoga you practice.


There are plenty of different styles of yoga to explore and one of the best things about it is it’s a great workout for all different ages and sizes.

The Benefits of Yoga

There are plenty of enticing reasons to try yoga. Here are some of our favorite benefits it provides:

  • Can promote weight loss
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress
  • Means for better balance, flexibility, and overall strength
  • Helps promote a healthy metabolism
  • May help with insomnia
  • Increases protection from injury
  • Creates a better quality of life
  • Can help with the development of a positive attitude
  • Promotes greater mindfulness overall

How to Prepare for Your First Yoga Class

If you’re thinking about going in for your very first yoga class you will want to be prepared! Here are some of our best tips to help you feel prepared.

Get to know the basic poses

You don’t need to know all of the poses and what they are before you attend a class, but it will certainly make things easier if you’re somewhat familiar with the basics. You might try watching a few online videos or reading some articles ahead of your first class to help you get a basic understanding.

Consider talking to a yoga teacher

If you can talk to your yoga teacher ahead of class – even better! You can ask them any questions you may have about the class and let them know about any limitations you may have. The more they know about you the better they will be able to help guide you.

Arrive to class early

You don’t want to arrive at your first class feeling flustered. Not to mention, you may need to sign in and find where to go before class begins. Give yourself plenty of time so you can be in the right headspace before class starts.

Avoid heavy meals

You should definitely have some food in your system before class, but make sure to avoid heavy meals. Eating too much before could make it more difficult to workout.


Private Yoga in San Antonio

A perfect place to start when it comes to yoga is trying out a private yoga class! At Xtend Fitness our private yoga classes offer you the chance to get a handle on the basics and enjoy a tailored yoga experience. Ready to get started? Contact JoAnn to book your private yoga class!

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