6 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Personal Trainer

March 7, 2022

You’ve joined a gym, you’ve been sticking to a schedule and training hard, but you’re not seeing the results you want. What gives? Well, it could be because you’re missing the support and guidance a personal trainer offers. Along with their expertise, when you hire a personal trainer, they also help you set clear goals, reach them faster, and stay accountable. 

Signs It’s Time to Hire a Personal Trainer

Today, we’re going to tell you about some of the tell-tale signs it’s time to hire a personal trainer. If this is a decision you’ve been weighing, don’t miss the rest of this post!

  • You aren’t getting results fast enough or at all
  • You’re not feeling motivated
  • You feel like you don’t know what you’re doing in the gym
  • You’re feeling lost and overwhelmed on your fitness journey
  • You’re struggling to set and stick to clear goals
  • You want professional support and guidance

Advantages of working with a Personal Trainer

We all want to be healthy and strong, but we don’t always know how to get there. If you’re trying to lose weight, add muscle, or get in better shape, why not hire a personal trainer? Personal trainers can help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Here are three of the biggest advantages of working with a personal trainer.

Getting an individualized plan

Your personal trainer will create a plan just for you! That means it will be designed with your unique goals in mind, as well as taking into account any other details that could impact your fitness journey. When you receive an individualized plan, you’re a lot more likely not only to stick to it, but to reach your goals that much faster.


Reducing your risk of injury

One huge benefit is that it can reduce your risk for injury. A trainer has been trained to spot and correct your form, so you can ensure you won’t be doing anything that could hurt you in the future.


Another major benefit is accountability. It’s hard to ignore the fact that if you hire a personal trainer, they are holding you accountable. It forces you to stick with your exercise plan because they are expecting a certain amount of time from you each week or month. 

(Take a look at this post next to read about the benefits of strength training)

Hire a Personal Trainer from Xtend Fitness 

The most important part about hiring a personal trainer is choosing someone who knows what they are doing! You want to look for training certifications (such as NASM CPT), but above all choose someone who seems caring and passionate about helping others reach their potential.

Your health should always come first when starting any new exercise program, so make sure you trust whoever will be training you before signing on any dotted lines. If working out is something that excites you, hiring a personal trainer may open new doors for how often and how hard you push yourself at the gym. 

Need help getting started? Join the 21-Day Kickstart Program and experience what it’s like working with an Xtend Fitness coach. Give us 3 weeks and we’ll help you set the tone for the rest of the year (and hopefully the rest of your life)!

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