6 Exercises You Might Be Doing Wrong (& How to Fix Them)

March 6, 2023

With years of personal training in San Antonio under our belts, there are certain exercises we see new clients doing wrong more often than others. Today, we’ll tell you all about the top six exercises you might be doing wrong and how to fix them.


Read on to find out which exercises you might be performing incorrectly and how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout!


It’s all too common for people to let their knees collapse inward when squatting. To ensure proper form, it’s important to drive your hips back and press your chest out as if you were going through a doorway with your torso.


It can be easy to cheat on push-ups, so pay attention to form here. Don’t let your core collapse, and keep your hands just outside of shoulder width. Keep your back straight, neck neutral, and press through your palms as you move up and down.


Many people forget about engaging their core during a deadlift because they focus solely on their glutes. But the truth is, your core is a crucial part of the movement, and you need to keep it tight. Don’t forget to drive your hips forward (without overextending) as you stand up to properly engage your glutes and hamstrings.


When doing lunges, take wide enough steps so your knee stays directly over your ankle when you lower down. If your knee goes very past the toes, you might need to lengthen your stride. Also, be sure to avoid arching your back while lowering into the lunge – keep it neutral throughout the exercise.

Bicep curls

Your biceps are engaged when curling weights, but people often use their momentum instead of their muscles to lift heavier weights than they can handle. Make sure you focus on the contraction and slow down your movement so the curl is controlled and deliberate.


Crunches are meant to work out your core—not your neck. But all too often, people will strain their necks to get more reps out of the exercise. To ensure you’re doing them correctly, engage your core and focus on lifting your shoulder blades off the ground instead of your head.

Get Expert Help to Fix These Exercises You Might Be Doing Wrong

An expert set of eyes can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring proper form. So if you’re ever in doubt, don’t be afraid to get a little help from a personal trainer in San Antonio like the team at Xtend Fitness. Doing exercises correctly makes them more effective and prevents injury—so let us assist you on your journey toward reaching your goals!

Bottom Line

It’s easy to fall into bad habits when exercising, especially alone. But knowing which exercises you might be doing wrong and how to fix them is an integral part of any workout routine. So keep these tips in mind and get expert assistance when needed to get the most out of each exercise!

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