5 Powerful Reasons to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

June 27, 2021

No matter which nutritional philosophy you subscribe to, there is one thing virtually every nutritional expert on the planet will agree to: too much sugar isn’t good for us. Of course, not all sugar is created equally. A certain amount of sugar is acceptable in a diet for most people, but the consequences of consuming too much sugar can be nothing short of scary. This is why more people than ever are on a mission to reduce sugar in their diet. 

In today’s post, we’re going to share some helpful information about the dangers of consuming too much sugar and why it might be time to address this ingredient in your diet.

Reasons to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

Just about everyone can benefit from reducing sugar in their diet. Even without chronic health conditions, there are several ways your health and wellness might not be at their peak thanks to sugar.

But we know it might take some motivation to cut out sugar from your diet. And we think these five reasons to reduce sugar will do the trick!

Weight management

Sugar is considered one of the leading culprits in worldwide obesity. As this study points out: “increases in the consumption of fructose as a sweetener may be an important contributor to the current obesity epidemic.”

For many people, excess fructose consumption comes from the beverages they consume on a daily basis. Soda, juice, and other sweet drinks are primary sources of excess sugar. If you want to reduce sugar consumption and your weight, cutting out or reducing these drinks is a great place to start.

Lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes

Did you know obesity is the strongest risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes? And considering the link between sugar consumption and obesity, it’s no surprise that sugar consumption is also related to the onset of Type 2 diabetes. 

This study with data taken from 175 countries found:

“Every 150 kcal/person/day increase in sugar availability (about one can of soda/day) was associated with increased diabetes prevalence by 1.1%.”

Cellular aging

We all wish we could slow the hands of time and reduce the speed at which we age. As it turns out, reducing sugar consumption might be the closest you can get to that. 

Consider this: excessive sugar consumption accelerates telomere shortening, which increases cellular aging. Telomeres are structures found at the end of chromosomes. They serve as protective mechanisms for your chromosomes, helping delay deterioration. 

That’s right: slowing the cellular aging process is yet another big reason it’s time to reduce sugar!

Cancer risk

Excessive sugar consumption links not only to obesity, but also to more inflammation in the body. Unfortunately, inflammation and obesity are two leading causes for many types of cancers. 

One study of over 430,000 people found that “added sugar consumption was positively associated with an increased risk of esophageal cancer, pleural cancer and cancer of the small intestine.”

Energy levels

Many of us turn to sugar when we need an energy boost. The problem is, sugar is actually a common culprit of low energy levels. In the moment, sugar can lead to a spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. As a result, we may experience a temporary energy boost. This boost, however, is only fleeting. As we come down from this “sugar high,” our energy levels drop drastically. 

Instead, prioritize carbohydrates without added sugar and pair this food source with protein for long-lasting energy. 

More Resources to Help You Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

Are you looking for more resources to help you cut sugar and make positive changes? For starters, take a look at our online fitness training and nutritional guidance services.

Then, take a look at these articles for more information: 

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