5 Exercise Ideas For The Entire Family

January 9, 2022

Parents all over the world are kept up at night with worries about their children’s health. This includes ensuring their children get enough physical activity each day. With many children spending more time looking at screens than ever before, it can be incredibly hard to get your children away from the screens and out enjoying the fresh air or taking part in sports or other activities. One strategy many parents find useful is involving the entire family in physical activities to keep everyone busy and active. With that in mind, today we’re sharing five exercise ideas for the whole family you won’t want to miss!

Exercise Ideas to Get Your Whole Family Moving

Plan a walk every day

Does your family plant themselves in front of the TV after dinner each day? Of course, there’s a time and place for relaxing in front of the TV. But if you want to get the whole family moving, why not plan a family walk each day after dinner? Then, when your walk is done, you can all be rewarded with screen time or something else your kids love.

To make these walks more fun for young children, give them a list of five things to spot on each walk. For example, a ladybug, a butterfly, a leaf, a red car, and a dog. 

Need a little inspiration to head out on that walk? Take a look at this post next to learn all about the health benefits of walking. 

Pick up a new activity, hobby

When you can involve the whole family in learning something new together, this is also a great opportunity for bonding. So, why not choose a new activity that gets everyone’s blood flowing, heart pumping, AND helps you make family memories together?

Some unique exercise ideas your whole family can learn together include: 

  • Roller skating
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Pickleball
  • Dance lessons
  • Batting cages
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Rock climbing
  • Yoga

(Bonus points if you choose an outdoor activity. Learn more about the benefits of exercising outdoors in this post)

Exercise for charity

Another great way to get your whole family more active and give back is by joining a walk or run for charity. Together, your family can decide on a meaningful event or charity to sign up for. Then, you can all train together a few days a week before the big event. This can become an annual or semi-annual tradition your whole family looks forward to. 

Adopt a dog

Have your children been begging you for a pet? Maybe it’s time to consider heading to your local pet shelter to find the right dog for you! Not only are you giving a deserving pet a home, but you’re also giving your whole family an incentive to exercise on daily dog walks. (Just make sure your children are old enough to commit to this responsibility ahead of time!)

Family dance parties

Get your little ones up and moving during family dance parties. This exercise idea helps keep all of you active, but it’s also downright fun. Family members can take turns choosing their favorite songs to dance to make it even more fun. 

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