I have been training with Daniel Lopez for a little over a year now and it is the best decision I have made! Daniel is an excellent trainer! He is patient with me but still pushes when I need to be pushed and is tough when I need that too. The workouts are challenging but definitely not impossible! I know it was God that led me to Daniel and Xtend Fitness and I am forever grateful! Daniel has definitely helpled me get my life back. I am a proud #gymrat through and through 

I have been training with Daniel Lopez since December 2016. He is an awesome trainer!! He is very knowledgeable in fitness as well as nutrition. He has helped me lose 100 pounds! I still have quite a ways to go but I know I will reach my goal with Daniel leading me. When I first started I weighed 402 and could barely walk. From the beginning he made me feel comfortable and kept telling me I could do it. We’ve come a long way since then! He is always challenging me to do something harder and out of my comfort zone. I am SO blessed God led me to Daniel for this journey!!
Whether you are on the fence or definitely sure about starting a fitness program, Xtend Fitness and Daniel Lopez is a great way to go! You won’t regret it!

Lisa Elekana

Daniel and Xtend Fitness are amazing. He tailors my workouts perfectly to fit me and my needs. Workouts are great and not hard to do. Daniel gives the right amount of push and it’s exactly what I need. I highly recommend Xtend Fitness to anyone looking for a program.

Omar Leos

I enjoy every session with Daniel at Xtend Fitness and my fellow Xtend members. Every session is different, but yet targets all your areas. He’s helped push me to limits I didn’t think I had. I am no spring chicken, I have a very hectic home and work life, but he’s always been there to help me in every way he can and keeps me on track. I didn’t think that after 3 children I’d ever fit be a size 2, but thanks to his training style, his motivation, his genuine and caring personality, he helps us all succeed. Thanks for everything Daniel.

Priscilla Pike

Daniel/Xtend is the BEST! Daniel really cares about his clients, is easily accessible, and is a great personal trainer. He’s always willing to be flexible and answer any questions and give advice where needed. He’s a POSITIVE trainer with a smile on his face and pushes you without being negative! He learns your limits/injuries/weaknesses/strengths and pushes you where he think you can handle it. It’s been a joy working with Daniel for almost a year now.

Megan Vliet

Love working out here! Daniel really makes working out fun and takes his time to really explain each workout, so it’s easy to follow. Fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Sara Rodriguez

Daniel at Xtend Fitness is awesome. He really takes the time to know his clients and is always working on ways to help us all achieve our goals. I followed him from another facility and it was the best choice I made. He challenges me like no other trainer has before and due to his training is the reason I’m succeeding in my journey to better Health & Fitness.

Sonya Lee Thomas

Training with Daniel at Xtend Fitness has been great! He is really great at making sure you are getting the most out of your workout and hitting your goals. I’d definitely recommend Xtend if you’re looking for personal or group training!

Perla Calvo