Meet Your Trainer

Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez

Owner, Xtend Fitness Specialist (XFS)

Daniel graduated with Cum Laude Honors from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, specializing in Exercise Science. From professional experience, he has worked with diverse populations ranging from children/adolescents, elite athletes, and adults/seniors.

He is a firm believer that exercise should be both fun and effective to not only achieve, but also maintain a physically healthy lifestyle. His focus involves utilizing exercise and nutrition as a preventative treatment, the main objective is to use safe and effective methods to improve health while decreasing the chance of developing chronic diseases and musculoskeletal injuries in the future. The goal with any training program is to keep every element of the routine specific to individual goals and needs of the person/athlete. To ensure his clients’ success, he develops their individualized training and nutrition program prior the start of any program. Whether it’s weight loss or muscle gain, every program should include a well-structured resistance training routine carried out with proper technique.

His plan is to improve his expertise and further his education to better serve the community. He genuinely believes that with the right attitude and dedication you can achieve anything! Self-care is very important, on his free time, he enjoys outdoor workouts, playing sports, and spending time with his loved ones. Family is the most important aspect of his life, my parents, three sisters, niece, and nephews mean the world to him.